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Aegean Sea Woman
1 Bronze cast - H34"  inches - $24,000.00  Edition 30 

Contact - daltshuler@nii.net

My lineage in Sculpture

I have a lineage in Sculpture through Walker Hancock to Augustus Saint-Gaudens and through the Renaissance.  I worked with Walker Hancock for 13 years developing his work with him and for him as his only professional assistant while I developed my own style and fulfilled my own commissions.

Sculptors and Painters were Masters and Pupils through the ages.  I have a direct line through Sculptors and Painters through the Renaissance who studied Pupil to Master.  I have been brought through the lines with Walker Hancock who gave me intricate training in making Monumental Statuary and fine Portrait Sculpture.   Daniel Chester French was a good friend of Walker Hancock’s.  His work is well known.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Chester_French   Monumental Sculpture is a specialized field.  Portrait Sculpture is very specialized and modeling a bas-relief is even more specialized.  People simply don’t walk into it. They are trained.  People have been training with masters through the centuries and I trained with Walker Hancock. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walker_Hancock                                      

Daniel Chester French showed Walker Hancock how to use photographs with sculpture.  Hancock studied with Charles Grafly.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Grafly    Charles Grafly was a great American Sculptor.  He was the finest Portrait Sculptor of his day.  He made Monuments and bas- reliefs of great power.  He gave Hancock intricate training in The Figure. Grafly taught Hancock composition.  It is a rare opportunity to learn composition through a Master of Monumental Sculpture.  Grafly had a lineage going back through the Renaissance.  Walker Hancock studied with Victor Holm in St. Louis, MO from 1917-1919. Victor Holm worked with Augustus Saint- Gaudens.   Holm showed Hancock intricate portrait modeling in bas-relief as well as making monuments he learned through Augustus Saint-Gaudens.  Walker Hancock learned Monumental Statuary work when working with Victor Holm on a 20 foot monument when Hancock was 17 to 18 years old.   Adolph Weinman hired Walker Hancock to model the pediment for the Post Office building in Washington DC from 1931-1933. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolph_Alexander_Weinman  The modeled work was cast in plaster and was carved in marble.  Adolph Weinman worked with Augustus Saint-Gaudens as his right hand man along with James Earl Fraser and other great Sculptors.  James Earl Fraser  was great friend of Walker Hancock.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Earle_Fraser_(sculptor)    If all the great sculptor friends of Walker Hancock could be mentioned, it would be a history book.  Adolph Weinman gave Walker Hancock Monumental Statuary work during The Great Depression.  Hancock received credit for modeling Adolph Weinman’s designs.  Hancock was a Sculptor in his own right.  Hancock was known for making fine Portrait Sculpture, reliefs and statuary before he met Weinman through an exhibition that was build to attract Architects and Sculptors to commission a Sculptor.

My training was very specific. I was trained to make Monumental Figurative Sculpture, high level Portrait Sculpture, Figurative Sculpture, bas-relief and Numismatic work.   I was given intricate training of modeling the portrait from life as well as working through photographic works through Hancock.  I was given the knowledge a sculptor would need to know his work would fit any style of Architecture an Architect would find to be an asset to their work.  I was shown how to work with Architects to model the sculpture to fit their buildings in composition and style.  Techniques and methods in sculpture were passed down to me that are not in books through this line I have described.

Are you interested in commissioning me to make Sculpture, Monumental Sculpture, Statuary, Busts and bas-reliefs or would you like a cast from a limited edition?   

It could take time to respond to you due to my busy schedule  daltshuler@nii.net

I would be glad to quote a sculpture you may have in mind.   


1  Bronze cast  $70,000   40" inches tall   Edition 60   Plumbing not included 

I have made works for Dartmouth College,  Massachusetts General Hospital, for former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


My works are in the United States Mint,  the Carter Center Presidential Museum and Library, the Texas A&M Museum, Mount Auburn Cemetery, Brookgreen Gardens, Ivey Green – Helen Keller Museum, Perkins School for the Blind, Skidmore College, Bonnet House Reservation – Ft Lauderdale, Lawrence Park-MA, the Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods, the Orchard House Museum,  the Cape Ann Historical Museum.


The Royal Mint, UK

And Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City MO, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory – NY,  the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.


Samples of my work include: George W Bush Presidential medal, President Jimmy Carter and Roselynn Carter portrait heads, the Seal of New York City, Chief Justice Warren E. Burger portrait bas-relief, Edward Connery Lathem bas-relief – Dartmouth College, John William Berry  bas-relief  Dartmouth College,  Dr. Elizabeth French – Skidmore, President Anthony Tanner at Health South Headquarters –Birmingham AL, Dr. Harold Schuknect – Massachusetts General Hospital and Ernest Amory Codman – for the American College of Surgeons. 

Fine Portrait Sculpture - Busts, Bas-reliefs and heads - Portrait Statues

Contact - Daniel Altshuler    daltshuler@nii.net

View find portrait sculpture by Daniel Altshuler   www.portrait-sculpture.net 

Bronze and Marble reproductions of the work of Daniel Altshuler



Custom made statuary designed to fit a client's
specific needs for private or public locations.

Portraits are made from life and images
Live sessions with a subject can be at their
business location or with the sculptor at his location 

Site specific statuary to fit the corporate setting

Statuary is modeled for a Building, a niche,
a garden and a landscape or for a home

Private and Public Sculpture

Statuary, busts, heads, reliefs,  medallions

Cast bronze or carved white Italian marble

Watson & Crick, Portrait Sculpture, Bronze
Locations - Nobel Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

Inquire:  Watson & Crick portrait sculpture : daltshuler@nii.net


Former Vice President of   Dartmouth College
Paul Paganucci
 bust, bronze

John William Berry   Life size  bronze  mounted to a marble base