Architectural Statuary Modeler
Custom made statuary

     & limited editions


 Lettered Tablets


Fine Portrait Sculpture:

George Washington

Bronze 13" diameter

Paul Revere
Bronze 12" diameter
bronze 1 1/2" diameter
bronze 1 1/4" diameter


Contact: daltshuler@nii.net



Custom made statuary designed to fit a client's
specific needs for private or public locations.

Portraits are made from life and images
Live sessions with a subject can be at their
business location or with the sculptor at his location 

Site specific statuary to fit the corporate setting

Statuary is modeled for a Building, a niche,
a garden and a landscape or for a home

Private and Public Sculpture

Statuary, busts, heads, reliefs,  medallions

Cast bronze or carved white Italian marble 

Watson & Crick, Portrait Sculpture, Bronze
Locations - Nobel Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

Inquire:  Watson & Crick portrait sculpture : daltshuler@nii.net


Former Vice President of   Dartmouth College
Paul Paganucci
 bust, bronze