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Statuary and Portrait Sculpture

Aegean Sea Woman

1 Bronze cast - H34"  inches - $24,000.00  Edition 30 

Contact - daltshuler@nii.net


1  Bronze cast  $70,000   40" inches tall   Edition 60   Plumbing not included 

UNITED STATES COAST GUARD MEMORIAL   1  Bronze cast $20,000   Limited edition of 85   H15" inches tall, 1" taller with the base - bronze

Limited edition only in this size.  Editions in size 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 times the size could be quoted and made in bronze.

Fine Portrait Sculpture - Busts, Bas-reliefs and heads - Portrait Statues

Contact - Daniel Altshuler    daltshuler@nii.net

View find portrait sculpture by Daniel Altshuler   www.portrait-sculpture.net 

Bronze and Marble reproductions of the work of Daniel Altshuler



Custom made statuary designed to fit a client's
specific needs for private or public locations.

Portraits are made from life and images
Live sessions with a subject can be at their
business location or with the sculptor at his location 

Site specific statuary to fit the corporate setting

Statuary is modeled for a Building, a niche,
a garden and a landscape or for a home

Private and Public Sculpture

Statuary, busts, heads, reliefs,  medallions

Cast bronze or carved white Italian marble

Watson & Crick, Portrait Sculpture, Bronze
Locations - Nobel Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

Inquire:  Watson & Crick portrait sculpture : daltshuler@nii.net


Former Vice President of   Dartmouth College
Paul Paganucci
 bust, bronze

John William Berry   Life size  bronze  mounted to a marble base