Custom made statuary and portrait sculpture.
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Modeled to perfection in clay

High standards of bronze casting

Fine craftsmanship

Exquisite taste

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Scheherezade Suite Symphonique Op.35 -  I. The Sea and Sinbad
by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

James D. Watson & Francis Crick, Portrait Sculpture, Bronze
Locations - Nobel Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York

Inquire:  Watson & Crick sculpture : daltshuler@nii.net
Price: $100,000
Sales of the portrait heads:

                                                  James D. Watson & Francis Crick
                                                                   portrait head
           20% of the sale

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Former Vice President of   Dartmouth College
Paul Paganucci
 bust, bronze
Paganucci Lounge
Dedicated by the Class of 1953



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Return Policy: Once a sculpture has been ordered a purchaser would need to fill out a special document provided by the Sculptor given a sculpture is shipped by the sculptor's selected shipping company   Shipping will commence once sculpture is ready for delivery.