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15 Pictures Of Most Expensive Camera On The Market

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First up, an honorable mention has to go to the Leica Q. While it’s nowhere near as costly as the other cameras on the list, at £2,900 it does hold the distinction of currently being the most expensive compact camera on the market, edging out the Sony RX1R, which originally retailed at £2,599. How much?

Here is a detailed list of most expensive DSLR cameras in 2017. Check out their price and other … Here are 10 Most Expensive DSLR cameras used by professional photographers. In this list, we are not including … Seitz is 160 million pixels of beauty – the only digital 6×17 camera available in the market. Its design is out of this

Here are the four most expensive DSLR cameras in 2016: Hasselblad H5D 200MS. Price: $44,000.00. The Hasselblad H5D-200MS medium format DSLR leads the pack when it comes to capturing images in unbelievably great detail. Pentax 645Z. Price: $6,996.95. Nikon D5. Price: $6,496.95. Canon EOS-1DX Mark II. Price: $5,999.00.

In the past few years, DSLR cameras have become increasingly popular and are being used by professional photographers and cinematographers around the world. If you’re moving out of the consumer-level DSLR market and into more professional DSLRs, be ready to pay a premium price for the

With good quality comes a high price tag as well and we already wrote about the 11 Most Expensive DSLR Cameras On The Market, but things change in the world of technology so it’s the right time to compile a new list.

What are the most expensive camera and lens combinations you can buy for each manufacturer? Of course, you could spend $2.79 million on a historical 1923 Leica or $165,000 on an ultra-rare Canon 1200mm lens, but what about gear that any photographer can purchase through a normal retail outlet?

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